How To Build A Customer Focused Business

SME Resource Hub - 22 Jan 2018
You can have the best products, the plushest offices, the best location, but unless you are a customer-focused business, all of this counts for nothing, you will never really hit the heights you deserve.

So what can you do to build a business which focuses outwardly on the customer, and not inwardly on the business?

Build Passion and Commitment

The first building block is passion and commitment. This is the very foundation stone of a customer-focused business. Without passion and commitment, the structure you will build above will be weak and prone to collapse at the first sign of stress.

The passion and commitment have to come from you and your staff. All of you have to totally believe in the concept of the customer being the center of everything you do. From the moment you step into work, everyone has to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.

As the key person in the business, what can you do to build passion and commitment? Lead from the front and set an example. Keep the concept at the top of the agenda and demonstrate it in everything you do. Keep talking about it. Celebrate all the great examples of putting the customer totally in focus.

Build Processes Around Your Customer Not The Business

All great businesses have clearly laid down processes on how to get things done. Whether you have a formal Process Manual or a Quick Reference Guide, which sets out your processes, a clear procedure provides confidence and clarity for both your staff and the customer.

But don‘t just build your processes around making things easier for you; build them to make things easier for the customer. Look at every step in the process and ask yourself, can we do something to make it even easier for the customer to do business with us? Are there steps which can be refined or even eliminated altogether? Be inquisitive, bold and challenging!

Build a Relationship

Building a relationship with your customer is at the very heart of a customer-focused model. Build a strong, firm relationship and you will have a customer for life. The basis of relationship building is A.B.C. Always Be Communicating.
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