Registering Your Business
No matter what type of business you would like to peform, you should always start by registering the business either.

Steps To Registering Your Business

  1. Think of a name. Your name has to be unique and should try and be connected to what you will be doing. If you are thinking of growing your business in other sectors, do not tie down your business by giving it a name that is locked into one field. A good example is naming your company XYZ Ventures insted of XYZ Catering. It is better to have two variants of your name for the name search

  2. Decide on the type of business you want. Their are various types of businesses but we will only tackle the two basic types that you will need as an entrepreneur. They are Sole Proprietor or Private Limited Liability Company. The easier is the Sole Proprietor which is just a business name, has no defined shares and all liability that befalls the company is carried by the owner. A Private Limited Liability Company on the other hand must have a pre-defined share holders, a minimum of two people and is an entity on its own.

  3. Visit your nearest CAC office and peform business name availability search

  4. Once your name is available, you will have to provie all relevant details about your company. These are the business address, list of directors, articles of association, share allocation etc

  5. Submission of duly completed statutory forms with two passport sized photographs and a means of identification of each person in your company attached to the form

  6. Payment of filing fees at the Corporate Affairs Commission

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